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BARTLAW LLP Immigration News: Global Immigration Seminar in Toronto

BartLAW is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring and hosting a Global Immigration Seminar in Toronto which is the first of its kind in the world. The seminar is a joint collaboration between the International Association of Lawyers ( and the International Association of Young Lawyers ( with the cooperation of the American Bar Association (

The increase in international short term labour mobility triggers responsibilities for employers to ensure that short term workers/visitors, including permanent staff, have immigration permission to work or do business in the receiving country.

All industrialized countries have established national immigration laws, rules and policies designed to meet their economic, employment, social, cultural, protectionism, security and political goals. These, together with extensive immigration overhauls in many jurisdictions, place an onerous and costly burden on employers who must navigate the innumerable, multifarious and distinctive immigration regulations to ensure that they (and their employees, short term or otherwise) are compliant with the immigration laws in their jurisdictions.

This seminar will address immigration short term labour mobility rules in key jurisdictions and the most important legal issues that employers should consider when transferring personnel internationally.

The seminar at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto on April 24-26, 2014 will be co-chaired by Fragomen and Jacqueline Bart of BartLAW. Top immigration and employment speakers include: Anita Schl├Ąpfer, President of AIJA; Stephen Dreyfuss, President of the UIA; Stephen Cryne, President and CEO of Canadian Employee Relocation Council; Gabrielle Buckley, Chair of the American Bar Association, Section of International Law; Alexandre Pirotte, Vice President of the International Business Law Commission- AIJA; Jacqueline Bart, President of UIA Immigration and Nationality Commission; Laura Danielson; Karolina Schiffter; Edward Carroll, Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua; Laura Devine; Ellen Yost; Stephane Coulaux; Herve Linder; Firuza Ahmed; Martin Nebeling; George Akst; Carrie Wright; Antonio E. Arenas Lopez; Katie Malyon; Carlos Molino Diez; Yoav Noy; Malini Skandachanmugarasan; Mark Mancini; Enrique Arellano; Grace Shie; Rayan Houdrouge; Bruno Blanpain; Sachka Stefanova-Behlert; Nancy Shapiro; Johan Lubbe; Catherine Nicholson; Daniel Lehmann; Leon Rodriguez; and Clayton Cartwright.

The full seminar program and registration information is available at…. For more information, please contact Jacqueline Bart or use the hashtag #globalimmigration2014 on Twitter.