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About Us

BARTLAW LLP Canadian Immigration is a prestigious award winning full-service immigration law firm, specializing in Canadian immigration and citizenship law.  Established in 1994, we are consistently ranked top tier in legal directories both nationally and internationally.  Our legal team of highly trained, exceptionally educated and specialized lawyers provide expertise in every area of Canadian citizenship and immigration law.  We are regularly published in news, books and articles and interviewed for television and radio.

The firm provides expert advice on all aspects of immigration to Canada and assists SME’s and corporate clients including, but not limited to, consulting, finance, arts, IT, hospitality, retail, fashion, pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, education, entertainment industries, in addition to assisting individuals and families.

Members of the firm are involved in many organizations including the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), the Ontario Bar Association (OBA), American Bar Association (ABA), American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), International Bar Association (IBA), Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) and Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) and the Law Society of Ontario (LSO).

Our billing procedures are clear, detailed, competitive and affordable and subject to a fee schedule. Our aim is to accomplish our clients’ goals with expertise and efficiency.  We are responsive, caring, reliable, professional and knowledgeable, at an expert level, regarding the law, policy and process of immigration.

We counsel corporate clients as to how their foreign workers may best acquire the ability to work in Canada. In addition, we assist our clients in the development of a strategic human resource plan which addresses the immigration, corporate, employment and customs issues relating to the entry of foreign workers to Canada. This secondary level of legal assistance enables employers to plan their immigration needs in a balanced and thoughtful manner while appropriately addressing immigration considerations to ensure the human resources and financial development of the corporation.

Canadian officials have powers to investigate the compliance of employers with immigration laws and requirements, with serious implications both for the foreign workers and the employers.

We assist our clients with reviewing and improving their internal immigration programs to help them to comply with existing immigration requirements and policies. This support is complemented by strategic guidance, training and support through comprehensive and centralized compliance initiatives.

We act for a number of national and international large full service law firms which either retain us to work on their clients’ immigration/relocation directly or refer their clients to us as a preferred partner.

Our firm has established an impressive network of specialized immigration experts in foreign jurisdictions to assist our clients with their foreign/outbound relocation needs. We provide direct referrals to these experts upon request.




Our team of lawyers offer bespoke immigration and citizenship solutions to corporations and individuals in all areas of immigration and citizenship law. This includes: