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ESDC Introduces the Recognized Employer Pilot

Starting in Fall 2023, Employment and Social Development Canada is introducing a Recognized Employer Pilot (“REP”). This is a three-year pilot program to implement a trusted employer model in the temporary foreign worker program. The REP is designed to reduce the administrative burden for select employers hiring workers for in-demand occupations.

The REP will provide employers with LMIAs of up to 36 months in duration, versus the standard 18-month duration. The employer sponsorship process will be less cumbersome. Finally, employers will receive a REP designation in the job bank, potentially increasing their attractiveness to future foreign workers.

The requirements to qualify under the REP are as follows:

  • The employer must have had at least 3 positive LMIAs for the same in-demand occupation over the past 5 years;
  • The occupation must be designated as in-demand by IRCC;
  • The employer must demonstrate a history of meeting the highest standards for working conditions, living conditions, and foreign worker protection.

Employers can apply under the REP in conjunction with an application for an LMIA.

The rollout for the REP will begin in September 2023, for certain agricultural positions. The program will expand in early 2024 to a list of over 80 in-demand occupations. Employers will be eligible to apply for the REP until September 2024.