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Expansion of the Francophone Mobility Programs: New Opportunities for French-Speakers to Work in Canada

On June 15, 2023, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration announced that Canada is expanding the Francophone mobility program. The Francophone mobility program allows French-speaking workers with a job offer in Canada to obtain a Canadian work permit. The process is facilitative for employers and does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Previously, this program was limited only to French-speaking temporary workers with an offer of employment in a “high-skilled” occupation classification. The program has now been expanded to include all occupations, with the exception of primary agriculture.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has also reduced the French language proficiency requirement needed for this program, from a relatively high to a moderate level. Applicants must provide documentary evidence that they meet the language requirements, either by taking a French proficiency test or demonstrating that they have completed studies in French.

Applicants who qualify for the Francophone mobility program can obtain a Canadian work permit for up to two (2) years, allowing them to work in Canada and gain experience which may qualify them to apply for permanent residence.