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New measures for Iranian citizens in Canada beginning March 1, 2023

As of March 1, 2023, the Government of Canada has introduced a new public policy to extend the temporary stay of Iranian Citizens in Canada. Iranian citizens, currently in Canada under valid temporary status, can apply to extend their stay from inside of Canada or change their temporary status. These measures include eligibility to apply for study permits, visitor records, or open work permits from inside of Canada. Open work permits are not tied to any employer, and do not require an employer’s support. The Government fees for these applications have been waived.

This policy is effective for one (1) year, but the Government has not confirmed the duration that the work permits, study permits, or visitor records will be issued. Canadian citizens and permanent residents currently in Iran will also benefit from the new public policy, with fees being waived for passport applications (for a one year passport), citizenship certificates, or permanent resident travel documents.