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Immigration Minister Announces New Humanitarian Permanent Residence Pathway for Colombian, Haitian and Venezuelan Nationals

On October 10, 2023 the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced a new humanitarian pathway to permanent residence for Colombian, Haitian and Venezuelan Nationals.

To qualify, the applicant must be a Colombian, Haitian or Venezuelan national located in Central America, South America, or the Caribbean. The applicant must have a family connection in Canada. A family connection can include a parent, grandparent, spouse, common-law partner, child, grandchild, or sibling who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

The Minister announced that Canada will accept up to 11,000 new permanent residents under this humanitarian pathway. Successful applicants will be offered pre-arrival services, including employment skills assessment and a referral to a settlement provider organization. The program is expected to launch soon, in the fall of 2023. The minister has indicated that more detailed information including the start date for program intake will become available shortly.