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New Open Work Permit for Family Members of Work Permit Holders

Starting in January 2023, IRCC will expand the eligibility of some family members of work permit holders to obtain open work permits in Canada.

Currently, only spouses of highly skilled workers are eligible to obtain work permits.

With the introduction of this temporary measure, spouses of workers at all skilled levels will be eligible, along with the working-age children of the workers. IRCC has not yet provided guidance on how working-age child is defined.

This measure will be introduced in phases, with workers under the International Mobility Program and high-wage stream Temporary Foreign Worker Program targeted at first instance. Next, the measure will expand to workers in the low-wage Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Finally, IRCC will undertake consultations to determine whether this measure will extend to the family members of agricultural workers.

Further information is not yet available on this program.