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New Youth Mobility Agreement between Italy and Canada

In December 2020, Canada and Italy signed a Youth Mobility Agreement to allow the bilateral movement of youth for work and travel. That agreement has now come into force.

As a result of this agreement, Italian youth between 18 and 35 (inclusive) will have more options to apply for Canadian work permits through the International Experience Class (“IEC”). There are three (3) streams of under the IEC program that are now available:

  1. Working Holiday: This program provides an open work permit to participants, to work anywhere within Canada
  2. International Co-Op/Internship: This program allows students to obtain employer-specific work permits to gain field experience
  3. Young Professionals: this program allows professionals to obtain an employer-specific work permit in line with their career path

Participants may obtain work permits under these categories for a twelve (12) month duration, and may participate twice in the program.