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New Passport Requirements for Canadian Citizens

As of May 9, 2015, the government has changed the passport rules for Canadian Citizens applying for passports as follows:


  • Photos will be valid for six months from the date they were taken (currently 12 months) and;
  • Tinted eye glasses cannot be worn.


  • New passports printed on or after May 9, 2015, will no longer have a pre-printed digital signature on page 2. Applicants must physically sign page 3 in the passport book when they receive it.

Existing passports are acceptable and will remain valid until expiry. The new changes are in compliance with existing international standards.

Canada Opens Its Doors to International Youth

A distinctly new International Experience Canada (IEC) debuted for the 2015 season. IEC provides young individuals the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. IEC is also available for Canadian youth who wish to travel or work abroad.

Canada has reciprocal agreements with 32 countries and territories with streams under the Working Holiday, Young Professionals and International Co-operation Internship. Starting this year, in addition to the $150 participation fee, a new fee of $100 will be introduced specifically for open work permits delivered to Working Holiday applicants.

Foreign youth coming to Canada in the International Co-op and Young Professionals categories receive employer-specific work permits. Employers will not be required to submit compliance filings and processing fees in furtherance of the IEC program prior to the foreign youth’s application for a work permit.