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New Federal Economic Pathways to Permanent Residence for Skilled Refugees and Displaced Persons

Recently, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced two new federal pathways allowing skilled refugees and displaced persons to apply for permanent residence under Canada’s Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot Program.

To qualify for either pathway, the applicant must have proof of eligibility as a refugee or displaced person via the United Nations Refugee Agency or UN Relieve and Works Agency. Applicants who do not yet have this documentation can work with a list of approved partner organizations, who can issue a referral letter in support of the application.

No Job Offer Stream:

Under the first pathway, applicants do not require a job offer in Canada. The applicant must have at least one year of skilled work experience, education equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma, moderate to high English or French proficiency, and funds to support themselves in Canada. There is a cap on the number of applications per year the government will accept under this stream.

Job Offer Stream:

For applicants with a job offer, there is no limit to the number of applications accepted. Applicants must have a qualifying job offer from a Canadian employer. The applicant must demonstrate that they have the skills, education, training, and language proficiency required for the position.