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About Us

BARTLAW Canadian Immigration Barristers and Solicitors is a full-service law firm, specializing in Canadian immigration, citizenship and relocation legal assistance. Our services cover the full range of our clients’ needs in relation to temporary and permanent entry to Canada. Our clientele is predominantly generated by referrals from other law firms and “word of mouth”. We provide legal services to employers, corporations, individuals, families, diplomatic offices, and law firms.

The goal of our practice is to remain exclusive, established and specialized in the citizenship and immigration context. The nature of citizenship and immigration law demands personal contacts, strong liaisons and individual-centered representation. Credibility and reputation are key ingredients for success at an administrative level. We believe that our citizenship and immigration expertise, reputation and our solid clientele are the foundation for the ongoing success of our law firm.

Our billing procedures are clear, detailed and affordable. Our aim is to accomplish our clients’ goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our firm is governed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.  BARTLAW mentors new lawyers through the law society and Ontario Bar Association programs and has written extensively on the subject of immigration for lawyers, in addition to lecturing at various law society and bar association venues about immigration law in Canada.

We counsel corporate clients as to how their foreign workers may best acquire the ability to work in Canada. In addition, we assist our clients in the development of a strategic human resource plan which addresses the immigration, corporate, employment and customs issues relating to the entry of foreign workers to Canada. This secondary level of legal assistance enables employers to plan in a balanced and thoughtful manner while appropriately addressing immigration considerations to ensure the human resources and financial development of the corporation.

We are also immigration counsel for a number of law firms, either through direct representation or on a referral basis. Law firms are particularly attracted to the genre of our practice because it is both specialized and restricted. We provide undertakings to our corporate clients and other law firms, indicating that any referral work generated through our services will be re-routed back to our client  for their action.

Our firm provides referrals to immigration experts in other jurisdictions and to our corporate clients who wish to obtain foreign visas and work permits for their employees assigned outside Canada. We have an established network of highly regarded experts located in the major capitals of the world to assist our clients in this area.



Our team of lawyers offer bespoke immigration and citizenship solutions to corporations and individuals in all areas of immigration and citizenship law. This includes: